Thursday, September 15, 2005

Subpoenas Are Fun!!

I'm currently working on a case for a client of the firm who needs to establish that he lived at a particular address almost 10 years ago. Problem? He lived in an apartment that belonged to famlies of ex-in-laws, who are now dead and, oh, by the way, the crime has to do with the ex's family--so it's not like they'll voluntarily be of any help.

And, as my luck has it, the client paid no bills while he lived there because the apartment was on the same property as the other house. Lovely. BUT, he did finance a car, get some store credit cards and have a cell phone--all with bills mailed to him at that address. In addition, thankfully, to having registered to vote there.

Anyway, there's a technicality issue at play: the defendant can't have committed the crime in this county during the "on or about" period described if he didn't live here (or visit, which is unlikely). So, it is my lot to find as much proof as I can.

And, it is not fun dealing with Corporate America, if you haven't already found it out. And, sadly, most major corporations don't list their corporate contact numbers on their websites, or, at least, any contact numbers answered by anyone who understands the phrase "in-house counsel" or "legal department."

Oddly, Cingular, the company who took over AT&T Wireless was the easiest to deal with. They actually have a great National Compliance Center that handles subpoenas and related matters. And, they like for you to fax them! Mailing and personal service aren't necessary!

I tried to find information about the compliance center on the Web so I could give all of you folks a link to it, but I couldn't. I did find a very old page here. If you scroll down to the old AT&T Wireless (now Cingular), you'll find the information for the compliance center. I have no idea if any of the other information on the other companies is any good, but it may be a place to start.